Pathetic Falacy

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Weather Or Knott

These words have been spinning around in my head for days now. Today they were appropriate.

It’s easy to think that rain is a bad thing. As someone obsessed with stories, I’ve seen it used plenty of times to connect the weather to a feeling or situation in a negative way. I’ve used it in my own writing a disappointing number of times. But, despite all it’s negative connotations, in the UK at least, rain is still miraculous. It brings life, for a start. The luscious green fields and deciduous forests that seem to cover the whole of the country would not be possible in warmer, drier climates. The strong farming and agricultural communities we have would fall apart with out it. Everything depends on rain.

The weather over the past week has been hot and heavy and so painful. What happened over that time, equally as trying. Yet somehow…

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